Thursday, 18 July 2013

Summer Bug Jar

We are enjoying some pretty hot temperatures here in Ontario. A fun summer tradition we have started is feeding the ducks in the pond behind our house. We are always seeing very interesting creatures in and around the pond. The kids always want to take these critters home, but we don't have anything to carry them in. This morning we solved that problem and made this fun bug jar.

We started off by gathering all the materials we would need: a mason jar, pipe cleaners, paint, paint brushes, green foam paper, red card stock, googly eyes, a black sharpie, scissors, a hammer, a nail and a glue gun.

Steps to making your own lady bug jar. 
1. Paint your lid black and let it dry
2. |Cut your green foam paper in a log strip and then add cuts along the strip to make it look like grass. Use your glue gun to glue along the bottom
3. Cut leaf shapes out of the green foam paper and glue on jar
4. Add a strip of red card stock paper that says, "My Bug Jar"
5. Add a circular piece of red card stock on the top and add black circles with your sharpie around the holes that you hammer in the top

Now you are ready to go and collect bugs!

We had so much fun trying to collect bugs behind our house. We saw dragonflies, fireflies and butterflies. It was nice to take a few minutes to really notice all the pretty things right by our house.

What summer traditions do you an your family have?


  1. Love it Jenn, it looks like as much fun to make as it was to catch the bugs. Atty seems very intent in these pics... you can tell she is really into the whole "crafting & catching". Doreen

  2. Hey Doreen,
    Yes, she loved making it and catching the bugs, except she was way to loud to catch a butterfly or dragonfly! She sure misses her buddy Andrew!