Sunday, 24 January 2016

Korsyn is 2 Bubblicious Birthday Party

 When we were brainstorming a theme for Korsyn's 2nd birthday we listed all of her favourites.....
1. Minnie Mouse (did this theme for Atleigh's 2nd)
2. One Direction (we might wait until she's 3!)
3. Bubble Guppies
4. Soothers (we are trying to get rid of these)
Like many 2 year olds, KORSYN loves the show Bubble Guppies so we ran with that theme (with more of an emphasis on Bubbles and less on the guppies).

Most of the décor came from the basement (previous parties), but I did make a few new things like these DIY Bubble gum machines.

Once again, I ordered the printable decorations and invitations from Mimi's Dollhouse. Holly is the best and will customize any theme you are looking for! Bubbles and Brunch was our theme. I didn't get any pictures of the bunch, but we did a round theme to most of the foods (pancakes, eggs, fruit that was cut out using a baller).

For the back drop I used paper plates with clear balloons.

On the door, I bubble wrapped a wooden 'K' I found in the clearance section for $1.49 at Michaels.

 One of the games we did was called Juggle Bubbles. I found them at the Showcase store and they are super cool. You wear a special pair of gloves and you can actually juggle, throw and bounce the bubbles with your hands. The older kids loved these.
The kids had a blast with this plastic pool filled with clear balloons!
 Some other games were played were:
1. Pin the Tail on Gil
2. Bubble art with bingo dabbers
3. Find the bubble wrap with one of Korsyn's favourite things and pop it
4. Good 'ole fashioned Blowing Bubbles (we love the Gymboree Brand bubbles)

Our favours we gave out all had a 'round' theme. For the big kids we gave bubble gum balls in glass jars, our little guests got Gymboree bubbles and the adults took home Reeces Buttercups.

 The bubble wrap walk way was a hit with the adults and kids! My mom crafted this tutu we had with white pom poms and added '2 Bubblicious' with puffy paint to a white t-shirt. She also made a bow out of bubble wrap and attached it to a barrette for the perfect bubble hair accessory!

Happy 2nd Birthday KoKo!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind: A Cinderella Inspired 5th Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated Atleigh's 5th birthday. She is a bit obsessed with all things princess, but when she saw the new Cinderella movie over March break that sealed the theme for this years birthday party. I must say the movie was so well done! I loved the garden feel of the movie and the butterflies on Cinderella's new dress so made sure to incorporate those elements into the décor!

She really wanted a 'Royal Table' to have tea and lunch with her friends. We used black charger plates and made them look like clocks by drawing numbers on them with chalkboard marker. I borrowed my grandmothers old tea cups and tea pots to add to the tea party theme. She even let us borrow her silver tea set!

Decorating for this party was so fun! There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest that I used and adapted.
 We draped old fabric from the ceiling to make it look like a Royal Ballroom.

My super- talented Mom made these adorable Cinderella aprons. She used a king sized bed sheet and a $3 lace table cloth. This was more affordable then buying fabric. I used t-shirt transfer paper to add each girl's name to their apron. The girls looked so cute decorating their cupcakes in their aprons!

 My mom used the left over fabric to make these loot bags that looked like the bottom of Cinderella's dress. I found Cinderella notepads, pencils and these super cute glass slippers pencil sharpeners at Party City to put in the bags. I ordered these glass slipper pendants on Etsy. My mom made these pretty glass slipper necklaces to add to the loot bags. 

The party theme was fun to play up the food! We had Metro (a local grocery store) die the sandwich bread pink and blue. We served crown shaped blue and pink tea sandwiches, oranges (Cinderella's pumpkins), cheese string and pretzel (Cinderella's broom), Veggie and Dip (Cinderella's Carriage) and Fruit Kabobs (Fairy Godmother's Wands).

I added cupcake liners to this number 5 I found at Hobby Lobby. I love the way it turned out!

These Royal Scroll invitations were so fun to make! We attached the paper invitation we printed out to wooden dowels. Perfect for a Royal Princess Party!

Happy 5th Birthday Princess Atleigh!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

One Year In A Flash Party

 We had so much fun planning Korsyn's little first birthday party. I love how my little helper, Atleigh, gets in to the party theme with me! 'One Year In A Flash' was the perfect theme because it really did seem like it flew by! We focused on pink, orange and grey for the party colours and I got to use my new Silhouette to cut out all the cameras!
I loved how these mason jars with pictures of Korsyn in them turned out. So easy and cute! We took the wicker 'K' from her room and used it on the front door to welcome guests. I borrowed several old cameras from my grandma to decorate throughout the party. Check out this old video camera!
I kept the cake super simple with a camera garland on top and a pink toy camera. Our super talented friend, Christie, from Christie's Cookies made these adorable camera and #1 cookies. If you are looking to add any themed cookies to your party check out her page. I don't think there is anything that she can't create!
I took the monthly pictures of Korsyn that I took for the blog and made a garland out of them. A perfect decoration for a first birthday party.
This Instagram sign was perfect for Kory's party theme! I also used my Silhouette to cut out these fun props for the photo booth.
I even cut out this camera shape out of some pink fabric I had with the Silhouette! My mom did the sewing and added the super cute details.
All the guests stopped by the photo booth before they left for a funny picture to take home. Thanks to my friend Janice who let me borrow her FUJI Instax Mini Polaroid Camera.

I love this idea I found on pinterest! How awesome will it be for Kory to open when she is 18 and see all the wishes we had for her! I put a note in the invitation for guests to bring an artifact from the year if they wanted. There were some cool things added like: Fashion of 2014, Songs of 2014, an 18th Birthday card, gas receipt and some of the party decorations. I am definitely doing one for my other kids at their next party!

She was in such a good mood for not having a nap!
I love how she literally got in to opening up her gifts! 
We had the party in the morning so we served our guests brunch. We did a yogurt and pancake bar. We also made this really delicious breakfast casserole. Yummmmm!
To say she liked her cake would be any understatement! I guess she inherited my sweet tooth!

 We made up a batch of banana bread (Kory's favourite!), put it in a brown bag with a camera cut out and gave it to our guests as a thank-you.
Happy Birthday to our Birthday Princess!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Happy 1 Year Korsyn!

 Happy 1 Year Kory!
This pic was a hard one to get because she is on the move!
I love all the stains on her shirt too!
We had such a great time at her first birthday!
Can't wait to post some pics!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Korsyn is 11 months!

Happy 11 months Kory! You are starting to look like a toddler already!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Korsyn is 10 months

Happy 10 months Kory!

This month Kory is 'thinking' about crawling, but doesn't go to far. 
Game- Peek-a-boo
Song- Wheels on the Bus
Person- Daddy
Food- Cereal
Here is a video of Kory's latest trick!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Korsyn is 9 months!

Korsyn is 9 months old today! This is my favourite, favourite, favourite time in babys first year. She is thinking about crawling, but still staying in the same general spot that I put her in. This month, Korsyn went on her first trip to Appleland and we have enjoyed many morning and afternoon runs/ walks.
Favourite Food: Anything that's not baby food
Favourite Song: 'Hot Dog' (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

This month we look forward to Kory's first Halloween! I really wanted the kids to go together as a group theme costume (How cute would they all look as minions??!!), but Elsa and Iron Man won out!

 This shirt should read, "I'm under Daddy's Spell!" Every time Greg comes home from work the arms go out to go to him. It's a good thing because they will be spending a lot more time together when I go back to work in a month.

We are still so surprised that her eye's have stayed so blue! I guess you can say we have all the eye colours covered in our family!

Happy 9 months Kory!